The Popup Hotel: Luxury Inside A Small Package

One of the most popular trends across the UK today is the popup hotel. This isn’t your grandpa’s camping experience, to paraphrase a popular auto advertisement. This type of camping is a comfortable as a bed and breakfast, and as luxurious as a 5 star hotel. You receive the same services when you stay in your spacious tent, from room service to mints on your pillow every evening.


The popularity of The popup hotel has coined a new phrase in travelers’ lexicons: “glamping”. That’s because there is nothing muddy, hot, and bug-ridden with this type of camping. It is glamorous camping, or “glamping”.

With the popup hotel, not only do you sleep in a real bed every night, you have a private bathroom, climate control, and catering! The company provides all linens and pillows, as well as toiletries just as you would find in a fine hotel.

Climate control alone is enough to make the popup hotel popular with people who would normally eschew camping because of extremes in temperature. This way, you can hike until it gets hot, and retire to your tent to relax in moderate temperatures.

Gorgeous Locations for Popup Hotels

The popup hotel follows some of the most popular festivals, so you can easily find lodging in these great facilities. But not only can you have luxury accommodations on the grounds of the festival, you can also enjoy a solitary stay on some of the most gorgeous locations in the UK. Your own, unique campsite will be set up for your arrival, waiting for you to begin your holiday. This has become a popular way for newlyweds to celebrate their wedding trip, and for veteran spouses to celebrate landmark anniversaries.

Popup Hotel Amenities

These romantic settings are reminiscent of centuries old Yurts, but provide the spaciousness of safari tents. Complete with throw rugs and electricity, a make-up parlour and, in some cases, a restaurant and bar, the popup adventure proves to be private as well as luxurious.

Besides comfortable beds, you also have a living area in your popup hotel, with comfortable chairs and TV, if you want! It’s just like a hotel, but more glamorous.

Plenty of Space in Popup Hotels

You can even get suite accommodations with your popup hotel. Do you want to bring your kids with you on your holiday? That is no problem – they can enjoy the glamping experience, too, and still give you and your spouse the privacy you desire.

Since there is electricity and gas available for the tent, you can cook for yourself, or take advantage of the catering provided. Or, if you wish, you can cook outside and enjoy being part of the outdoors, just as you would if you were camping out.

One With Nature

With the popup hotel, you are one with nature. These zip-up tents even have a front porch, or stoop, complete with lounging chairs so that you can enjoy the world around you.

Exercise At Home Using Your Furniture

Who says you need expensive workout equipment to exercise? You can workout at home using your furniture as equipment, and get in great shape without costing a dime!

Furniture Sliders

You don’t have to go to a weight loss boot camp to get fit, those discs you buy to move heavy furniture around are actually excellent workout equipment. Available at most drug stores and furniture stores, these discs range from 2” to 5” in diameter, and make it extremely easy to move heavy furniture in your home. Your TV, sofa, and refrigerator can glide easily over carpet or solid floors without straining your back.

These furniture sliders also help you move your body over the same surfaces. Place each foot a slider, preferably on carpet. Then, do jumping jacks, except you slide. Slide your legs out until you are in the jumping jack position, then slide them back together. Talk about a workout!

Next, place your hands on the sliders, and get into a pushup position. Push your hands out in front of you, supporting your weight, and stretch out as far as you can, balancing on only your toes and hands. Then, slide back. The further out and back you can slide, the better your workout will be.


You know that stair-stepper at the gym? Yeah, you have one at home. It’s called stairs. Sure, the stair-stepper can be adjusted for tension, simulating higher steps. To do this at home, climb up the steps 2 at a time. Bend the knee of the upper leg deeply, as if you were doing a runner’s stretch, then ease back into a standing position and climb up the step.

Another good use of stairs is to climb and descend them backwards. This tightens up your glutes. Just be careful to hold onto something so that you don’t fall.

Step Aerobics

You can use thick phonebooks to make your own step for step aerobics. Wrap the books up snugly with duct tape so that the pages don’t slide around.

Soup Cans

Many people have found that soup cans make excellent weights. Most cans weigh about a pound apiece, and are great for beginners. As you advance, you can add cans to a tote and do your weight lifting that way. Plus, you have a snack handy afterward!

Use the cans when you do bicep curls. Believe it or not, you’ll feel it the next day, if you are not in very good shape right now. Then, hold the can in your hand, and point your elbow to the ceiling with your hand down behind your shoulder. Keeping your elbow pointing up, slowly straighten your arm until your hand is pointing up. Then slowly lower it to the starting point. As you advance, switch to a tote with several cans for this exercise. It helps to eliminate that flabby arm problem that plagues so many women.

There are many more exercises you can do using furniture and household items. Basically, if you can work out in a gym, you can work out at home, too.