Defining Luxury Furniture

So everyone will have encountered some luxury furniture sometimes in their lives, and if they haven’t, they need to LIVE A LITTLE! But how do you know that the item you came across is true luxury furniture? I mean, what constitutes luxury furniture?

Well, first you have to narrow it down a little, what is the definition of luxury? Well, a luxury good is a good that is optional and not a necessity, but how would one apply that to furniture? Well, it’s not just optional goods, its items that are also above the standard of necessity. Now, people may try and judge necessity differently, some people have higher standards then others after all. But in this instance luxury furniture is furniture that goes beyond what your used to.

I encountered some luxury furniture recently actually, in a little B&B in Somerset. They had this luxurious sofa that vibrated and even had storage units that kept drinks cold. Now if that isn’t luxury furniture, I don’t know what is.

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