Using Planters To Make Your Home Fresher

Planters in your home can be an enormous boost to the health of family members and to the overall feel of your home. Using planters in your home can make it feel fresher, and reduce dust, as well.

Oxygen and Moisture

Most people know that plants create oxygen. But, did you know that they also absorb carbon dioxide? A plant in a 6 inch pot will completely change out the air in a small room once a day. That is pre3tty significant, when you think about how tight modern homes are constructed. So many times, in our efforts to keep allergens out of our home and to make our homes more energy efficient, the windows and doors seal very tightly. This keeps outside air from coming in, and our climate controlled air from escaping. However, the nasty side effect is that everything else stays inside, too. The houses do not get “aired out”. Not only do germs stay in the house, requiring germicides for cleanup, but all of the off-gasses from construction materials stay in the house, too.

Carpeting, paint (even low VOC), drywall, varnish, and other construction materials all have VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. They contain formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. In addition, most things we bring into our homes, such as grocery bags, contain these chemicals.

Plants, however, absorb all of these chemicals. The foliage and roots all thrive on these gasses, which serve as fertilizer for the plants. So, when you have planters in your home, the plants absorb gasses and release oxygen!

In addition, plants release about 97% of the water they absorb into the atmosphere. This is a part of photosynthesis. Studies have shown that, in homes where homeowners have a good selections of house plants, the people who live there are less likely to have dry sinuses. The incidents of sore throats declines, and even problems with dry skin are lessened. The added moisture from plants is a great antidote to the forced-air heat we use during the winter.

Which Plants To Choose?

In general, the best plants to put in your planters in the house are the kind with large leaves. This is because the larger leaves absorb more carbon dioxide and VOCs, and release more oxygen and water.

Other plants that are good for this are ferns. While the individual leaves are tiny, there are so many of them that the total surface area is huge, yielding the same results as larger-leafed plants.

During the night, plants do not perform photosynthesis. Therefore, the release of oxygen and moisture stops. However, some plants perform photosynthesis during the night. This can be a big help in the bedroom, especially if you have trouble with sinuses while you sleep. Succulents such as jade plants, sedum, hen and chicks, and others, as well as orchids and bromeliads are great for keeping the air fresh throughout the night.

Plants can create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. With planters in your home, you can enjoy cleaner air and better health.

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