Choosing The Right Plant Pots For The Home

After spending 17 years in a house decorated in warm earth tones, I was eager to stretch my wings with new colors. The kids had moved out, and I actually had two bedrooms to decorate as I wanted! The office came first. For years, the kids each had their own room, the husband had the basement, and I had – the kitchen? Nope, for the first time, I would have my own space, defined and separate from the rest of the house, and it wasn’t going to be in warm earth tones. I planned it out for months, down to the large plant pot in the window.

Express Your Style


The new office has light turquoise walls – I know, I know – with pure white trim and shelving. None of this “creamy white” nonsense for me anymore; pure white is crisp and clean.

The wall-mounted shelves gave me plenty of floor space, and the color combination is invigorating and pretty. Knowing that my husband would christen my new office with our family tradition of a Norfolk Island Pine tree, I chose the pot for it when I chose the other furnishings.

The modern lines created by the shelves, and updated lift from the colors are easily complimented by the streamlined, large plant pot. Pure white glaze, with a slight terra cotta tone showing through at the edges and square corners, make this the perfect piece for my very own room. Adding some bonsai techniques that gracefully arch the trunks over the linear pot, and I have a lovely, natural addition to my office.

You can do the same thing. Plant pots are available in every finish, every color, and every style. Glazed pots, like the one I bought, have a more formal, controlled look. Raw finishes, such as unglazed terra cotta, bring an earthy look to your rooms.

More Than Plant Pots


Interestingly enough, when I bought my large pot for the tree, I found matching ones in smaller sizes. About the size of a tin can, these are great for organizing my desk items such as pens and paperclips.

This triggered other ideas, and the rest of the house is now populated with various plant pots made of different materials that hold everything from crochet materials to decorative ornaments. My granddaughter even has a plant pot on her dresser. She painted it herself, and keeps hair bows in it.

Choosing Size

How do you choose the right Large planters uk for your home? It depends on the use. Generally, the diameter of the pot should be roughly 1/3 the length of the plant. If, however, you are going to use it for storage, you can select size and shape accordingly. Books stack nicely in square pots. Choose a pot shallow enough for the book spine to show above the edge, and lay the books in with the spine parallel to the floor.

Think outside of the box, and you’ll find other kinds of ways to use plant pots in your home.

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