Using Planters To Breathe Life Into Your Home

Most of us take great pride in our homes. After all, the biggest purchase we will ever make is usually hour home. We want to take care of it and make it beautiful, so it is only normal to want to decorate it in a way that we consider to be pretty or comfortable. One way to do that is with artificial house plants. These plants give us the color, texture, and touch of nature in the house without the mess that often accompanies living house plants.



One of the problems with house plants is allergies. Some people are simply allergic to dirt. Others are allergic to the spores or pollen ejected into the air from certain house plants. Ferns, for example, have tiny black spots on the underside of leaves. These are spores that, when mature, are ejected. Calla lilies have pretty blooms, but the pollen may be a problem. In addition, some plants that require a lot of water can start getting mildewed in the soil. This can also cause problems for allergy sufferers.

Artificial plants, however, don’t come with these problems. The plants do not need real soil, so you can use decorative rock or mosses to make them look nice. You can use any kind of planter you want, too, because it will not have to actually hold water. This gives you the option of using wicker planters or wooden boxes that you just love. Baskets look nice with artificial plants in them, too. All of these indoor planters may not work outside, but they are great inside your home.

The “Mess” Factor


No matter how careful you are, you can always count on your live plants making a mess. At the very least, there will be dead leaves that have to be removed. But, what about the watering mistakes? You may think a plant sitting on the floor is insulated from the flooring, only to find a rude shock when you move the plant to clean. You find a discolored part of the wooden floor or carpet right under the plant, when all along you thought you had waterproofed that spot.

There is also the problem with overflow. You pour water into your plant, and all of a sudden, there are water and dirt running over the back edge and running down behind the television. Or onto your antique table.

Artificial house plants don’t bring you that kind of grief. You can select seasonal flowers without the allergens, and put them in pretty indoor planters, and never have to worry about your furniture or floors being damaged. You don’t have to worry about overflow creating havoc with your furniture. All you have to do is dust them occasionally, and they even make a spray for that. You place a towel under the plant, spray it, and the dust rolls off!

Yes, artificial plants are great for your home. Change them out with the seasons, and you have instant decoration for the holidays!

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