Why Insulation Is Important To Your Home Comfort

When it comes to living comfortably, having insulation is key to keeping a nice temperature in the home without paying through the roof for your heating bill. Insulation areas include the loft, the walls, the floors and of course most importantly the doors and windows. Depending on whether you live in a modern home or not, you may want to look into whether you have the correct insulation in your property.


They used to do government grants for loft insulation, to help subsidise the cost, and loft insulation has a rather good benefit to a home. As we know, heat rises, and with an uninsulated loft you would be looking at large amount of warmth escaping through the ceiling of your home. Usually, loft insulation comes in the form of earthwool or pink batts. These are both “glass fibre” based insulations which have a high level of insulation, but one must be careful not to inhale the dust as glass fibres on the lung are not good in any way shape or form.

Walls and Floors

Now these are very tricky to access and at the end of the day are going to be expensive jobs to do, but the odds are that you already have insulation in your walls and flooring anyway. If you do not, then you will be looking at a very time-consuming process, emptying rooms of furniture and pulling up the carpet is going to be a nightmare that takes a long time to complete. When it comes to floor insulation again you will be looking at earthwool or pink batts but when it comes to wall insulation you can use a foam to make things easier.

Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are very important as that is where most of the cold and breeze comes from. Windows especially single glazed are not very effective at keeping the cold out, so if you have single glazing, it is definitely time to upgrade to something more substantial. You can even use triple glazing Somerset if you think you want that extra insulation. As for doors, you want to get yourself a PVC front and back door with a seal, this will help keep the draft in.

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