Saving Money With Home Insulation

The UK Green Deal has been an attempt to get homeowners to switch over to green technologies in their homes, affecting the daily uses of utilities. However, the expense of switching over to solar and wind powers is often prohibitive, even with government subsidies to do so. In addition, many home owners are reluctant to take on the construction that is often necessary to install solar panels and their associated storage batteries. There is, however, a less expensive and intrusive way to save money with the energy rises that accompany cold weather. The simple addition of insulation to your home can make all the difference.

Why Insulate?

Hot air rises, so when you warm your home, the heat goes straight into the attic. You’ll probably have a nice warm attic space, even if the house is uncomfortably cold. That’s why your two-story house is always warmer upstairs – even in the summer, when you don’t want it to be. Insulation will block the transference of heat, keeping it in the room of origination. This not only makes your home more livable, it significantly cuts down on your utility bills. So whether you go with full blown insulation, or even just timber cladding on your home, you can keep the temperature perfect.

Blow-In Insulation


One of the greatest innovations for homeowners and for builders alike is blow-in insulation. No longer do you have to hire a contractor to come into your home and remove drywall or lathe and plaster to install betting. The contractor can remove a section of trim, drill a hole, and blow insulation into the dead-air space, insulating your home. He may also install the insulation from the outside by drilling through the brick, stone, or by removing exterior trims.

This type of insulation can also be installed in floors between stories. This can help to maintain consistent temperature throughout the house by keeping heat in the lower floors. Chances are, your kitchen and living spaces are in the lower floors of your home, and that’s where you spend most of your time in the winter. By installing insulation in the floor above you, the temperatures will be maintained, cutting down on your fuel bills. It will also allow you to set the temperature of your upper rooms as you wish, rather than having to deal with unwanted heat from lower floors.

Blow-in insulation can also be installed in the attic. Most experts agree that it should be extended to the eaves and across any overhangs. This makes blow-in especially useful, since it’s often difficult to reach those areas with batting.

Batting Insulation


Batting Insulation has been around for many years. The fiberglass kind is especially useful inside walls where there is no risk of physical contact, as it can be irritating to the skin. Some contractors will use a combination of batting and blow-in, using the blow-in for hard to reach areas and voids into which it is difficult to push batting.

A little advertised benefit of insulation is noise reduction. So, this winter, to control costs and have a quieter home, have insulation installed.

Using Planters To Make Your Home Fresher

Planters in your home can be an enormous boost to the health of family members and to the overall feel of your home. Using planters in your home can make it feel fresher, and reduce dust, as well.

Oxygen and Moisture

Most people know that plants create oxygen. But, did you know that they also absorb carbon dioxide? A plant in a 6 inch pot will completely change out the air in a small room once a day. That is pre3tty significant, when you think about how tight modern homes are constructed. So many times, in our efforts to keep allergens out of our home and to make our homes more energy efficient, the windows and doors seal very tightly. This keeps outside air from coming in, and our climate controlled air from escaping. However, the nasty side effect is that everything else stays inside, too. The houses do not get “aired out”. Not only do germs stay in the house, requiring germicides for cleanup, but all of the off-gasses from construction materials stay in the house, too.

Carpeting, paint (even low VOC), drywall, varnish, and other construction materials all have VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. They contain formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. In addition, most things we bring into our homes, such as grocery bags, contain these chemicals.

Plants, however, absorb all of these chemicals. The foliage and roots all thrive on these gasses, which serve as fertilizer for the plants. So, when you have planters in your home, the plants absorb gasses and release oxygen!

In addition, plants release about 97% of the water they absorb into the atmosphere. This is a part of photosynthesis. Studies have shown that, in homes where homeowners have a good selections of house plants, the people who live there are less likely to have dry sinuses. The incidents of sore throats declines, and even problems with dry skin are lessened. The added moisture from plants is a great antidote to the forced-air heat we use during the winter.

Which Plants To Choose?

In general, the best plants to put in your planters in the house are the kind with large leaves. This is because the larger leaves absorb more carbon dioxide and VOCs, and release more oxygen and water.

Other plants that are good for this are ferns. While the individual leaves are tiny, there are so many of them that the total surface area is huge, yielding the same results as larger-leafed plants.

During the night, plants do not perform photosynthesis. Therefore, the release of oxygen and moisture stops. However, some plants perform photosynthesis during the night. This can be a big help in the bedroom, especially if you have trouble with sinuses while you sleep. Succulents such as jade plants, sedum, hen and chicks, and others, as well as orchids and bromeliads are great for keeping the air fresh throughout the night.

Plants can create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. With planters in your home, you can enjoy cleaner air and better health.

The Popup Hotel: Luxury Inside A Small Package

One of the most popular trends across the UK today is the popup hotel. This isn’t your grandpa’s camping experience, to paraphrase a popular auto advertisement. This type of camping is a comfortable as a bed and breakfast, and as luxurious as a 5 star hotel. You receive the same services when you stay in your spacious tent, from room service to mints on your pillow every evening.


The popularity of The popup hotel has coined a new phrase in travelers’ lexicons: “glamping”. That’s because there is nothing muddy, hot, and bug-ridden with this type of camping. It is glamorous camping, or “glamping”.

With the popup hotel, not only do you sleep in a real bed every night, you have a private bathroom, climate control, and catering! The company provides all linens and pillows, as well as toiletries just as you would find in a fine hotel.

Climate control alone is enough to make the popup hotel popular with people who would normally eschew camping because of extremes in temperature. This way, you can hike until it gets hot, and retire to your tent to relax in moderate temperatures.

Gorgeous Locations for Popup Hotels

The popup hotel follows some of the most popular festivals, so you can easily find lodging in these great facilities. But not only can you have luxury accommodations on the grounds of the festival, you can also enjoy a solitary stay on some of the most gorgeous locations in the UK. Your own, unique campsite will be set up for your arrival, waiting for you to begin your holiday. This has become a popular way for newlyweds to celebrate their wedding trip, and for veteran spouses to celebrate landmark anniversaries.

Popup Hotel Amenities

These romantic settings are reminiscent of centuries old Yurts, but provide the spaciousness of safari tents. Complete with throw rugs and electricity, a make-up parlour and, in some cases, a restaurant and bar, the popup adventure proves to be private as well as luxurious.

Besides comfortable beds, you also have a living area in your popup hotel, with comfortable chairs and TV, if you want! It’s just like a hotel, but more glamorous.

Plenty of Space in Popup Hotels

You can even get suite accommodations with your popup hotel. Do you want to bring your kids with you on your holiday? That is no problem – they can enjoy the glamping experience, too, and still give you and your spouse the privacy you desire.

Since there is electricity and gas available for the tent, you can cook for yourself, or take advantage of the catering provided. Or, if you wish, you can cook outside and enjoy being part of the outdoors, just as you would if you were camping out.

One With Nature

With the popup hotel, you are one with nature. These zip-up tents even have a front porch, or stoop, complete with lounging chairs so that you can enjoy the world around you.

Creating Your Own Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture isn’t out of everyone’s reach, you can easily take something that is uncomfortable and improve it to a stage that is unnecessarily luxurious, all you need is a bit of sewing knowledge. Well, that isn’t strictly true. Sewing knowledge might be helpful but I think in the end you need a knowledge of quality filling, linens and fabrics as well.

worn sofa cusionsIf you don’t have the right skills you may end up with something worse than the worn product you had to begin with, but if you make sure you read up and have a look online, you shouldn’t have any problems creating something worthwhile.


Choosing the right fabric for you upholstery is important, you want to get something that is soft, is not coarse and is strong enough to withstand years of sitting and pressure. If you can find something along these lines then you are on the right track. There are many fabric and linen shops online that you should be able to check, a place I usually go to online has a wide selection of quality British linen. It’s great being able to choose what pattern/colour/texture your furniture is going to be.


If you’re going to be upholsering sofa cushions, then something you need to look at is replacing the stuffing. There are a wide variety of stuffing and filling options available, whether you’re looking for a natural animal filling such as wool or cotton, or whether you are happy with synthetic filling such as polyester or coir fibre. Each have different properties, Synthetic fibre tends to be stronger and more resilient whereas wool and cotton are softer but weaker. As mentioned before, you need to really know what is going to do the right job, if you can work that out, then I say go for it.


The next stage is obviously construction. I won’t detail a guide in this article, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled in the future. Good luck with your upholstery, I hope you end up with the furniture that you want!

Defining Luxury Furniture

So everyone will have encountered some luxury furniture sometimes in their lives, and if they haven’t, they need to LIVE A LITTLE! But how do you know that the item you came across is true luxury furniture? I mean, what constitutes luxury furniture?

Well, first you have to narrow it down a little, what is the definition of luxury? Well, a luxury good is a good that is optional and not a necessity, but how would one apply that to furniture? Well, it’s not just optional goods, its items that are also above the standard of necessity. Now, people may try and judge necessity differently, some people have higher standards then others after all. But in this instance luxury furniture is furniture that goes beyond what your used to.

I encountered some luxury furniture recently actually, in a little B&B in Somerset. They had this luxurious sofa that vibrated and even had storage units that kept drinks cold. Now if that isn’t luxury furniture, I don’t know what is.

Moving To Modesto? What Should You Know

Although many people would say that A New Hope is George Lucas’s best movie, that’s probably just because they never saw American Graffiti. American Graffiti was made several years before Lucas began work on the Star Wars franchise and helped to launch the careers of Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard. You even get to see a small cameo from Harrison Ford before he was Han Solo. He plays a drag racer with a taste for danger and cowboy hats. While the movie was great for Lucas because it gave him notoriety and the clout to do Star Wars, it might have been even been better for Modesto, California. The movie was set here as Lucas grew up in Modesto, and viewers from all over the country had the chance to see some of Modesto up close for the very first time.

The beauty of Modesto is no longer a secret and many people come here from all over the country to visit, and some even choose to call it home because of the warm weather and the proximity to other major cities. Modesto currently has a population of well over 200,000 people, with many working in the agriculture industry. However, Modesto is much more than an agriculture town. Thousands work at E.&J. Gallo, the largest winery in the country, Memorial Medical Center, the Modesto Public School System, Seneca foods and more. Others commute outside the city everyday using the Amtrak San Joaquins. Whatever your reason for choosing to live in in Modesto, California, here are some things to keep in mind:

Do you need movers? Once you find a place to live, you’ll need to consider whether or not you need movers to help you with your big move. This might depend on how far you’re moving. If you’re moving across the country, long-distance movers may serve better than a few buddies who come for the free pizza and beer. Moving is one of the biggest stress-inducing events in one’s lifetime. Professional movers can help to alleviate some of that stress, so you can concentrate on other things.

Do you need furniture? If you’re not attached to your furniture or you’re currently still living with your parents or other family or friends, you might just want to consider getting furniture once you get there. There are many furniture stores in Modesto CA, so you’re sure to find some interesting and affordable items that will fit the style of your new home.

Do you need things to do? When you do move, if you find yourself sitting around and staring at your thumbs, you’re not looking hard enough for things to do. There are so many things to do in Modesto, California. From strolling along the tree-lined streets of Graceada Park or having a meal at the newly revitalized downtown section of the town, to checking out some minor league ball or Modesto’s many historical attractions, you will find no shortage of things to do.

Modesto is a fun and welcoming community that will surely be a great place to call home. George Lucas loved it so much; he made the town a star. You’ll love it too.

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David Bloomer has spent most of his writing career moving around the states. He likes to share his advice to make moving as easy as possible.

Making Your Garden Beautiful

I’ve come across quite a few friends who are either too lazy or say that they don’t have the time to maintain their garden. I find that gardening can be a nice and relaxing hobby, I think that most people believe that keeping up with the gardening is a difficult and time consuming process when it isn’t. It’s mainly about keeping a schedule and making sure you don’t let it fall out of neatness. The lawn doesn’t need to be mowed every day for instance, you can get away with leaving it a week or even cut the grass on a biweekly basis. It can be a bit of a nuisance when the garden is not symmetrical, it can also be pretty annoying when there are hard to reach areas.

I actually have some friends who hire people to do their lawn care for them, Yes I know it’s pretty lazy stuff, but when you haven’t got the time, you haven’t got the time. I think they use but there are a few others around to. They will treat your lawn to keep or make it look luscious and full. I’ve had it on occasion where my lawn will look patchy and a bit rough, this is because I have a dog. Unfortunately a dogs urine is very acidic to the grass and can actually cause it to die. There are ways to fix this with chemicals that help the grass grow and you can also put new seeds down to get the grass growing a bit thicker through there.

I think I might try and introduce my friends to gardening, show them how long it takes me and then they can see how much cheaper it can be to have a nice garden ready for those summer BBQ’s.