Making Your Garden Beautiful

I’ve come across quite a few friends who are either too lazy or say that they don’t have the time to maintain their garden. I find that gardening can be a nice and relaxing hobby, I think that most people believe that keeping up with the gardening is a difficult and time consuming process when it isn’t. It’s mainly about keeping a schedule and making sure you don’t let it fall out of neatness. The lawn doesn’t need to be mowed every day for instance, you can get away with leaving it a week or even cut the grass on a biweekly basis. It can be a bit of a nuisance when the garden is not symmetrical, it can also be pretty annoying when there are hard to reach areas.

I actually have some friends who hire people to do their lawn care for them, Yes I know it’s pretty lazy stuff, but when you haven’t got the time, you haven’t got the time. I think they use but there are a few others around to. They will treat your lawn to keep or make it look luscious and full. I’ve had it on occasion where my lawn will look patchy and a bit rough, this is because I have a dog. Unfortunately a dogs urine is very acidic to the grass and can actually cause it to die. There are ways to fix this with chemicals that help the grass grow and you can also put new seeds down to get the grass growing a bit thicker through there.

I think I might try and introduce my friends to gardening, show them how long it takes me and then they can see how much cheaper it can be to have a nice garden ready for those summer BBQ’s.


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