Traditional Wooden Furniture

Traditional wooden furniture can look great in the home, modern furniture doesn’t seem to last whereas the older stuff is much better built. Old wooden furniture is making a comeback these days with people adopting old pieces into their homes left right and centre.

I personally like old furniture, it has a warm and rustic feeling and can really make people feel at home. When your looking at a house full of new plastic and steel furniture it just makes you think that it’s cheap. I don’t really agree with the whole modern artsy styled homes, give me shabby chic anyday.

My own home is full of unusual old furniture that i’ve picked up over the years, some of it isn’t actually that old it’s just built in a traditional style. Take my washroom for example, I’ve got a traditional wooden clothes airer in there from a website called pulleymaid. It drys my clothes on a pulley system that just looks brilliant, I can hike it up to the ceiling so that it doesn’t get in the way of anything and I think it just works extremely well.


So if you’re into traditional furniture and don’t have a tumble drier, why not pick up one of these examples of older styled clothes airers.

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