Installing Gates Onto Your Property

Having gates installed onto your property can give your property a whole new look, I know it seems like a small addition but gates really do make all the difference. It’s not just about asthetics either, gates add an extra level of security to your surrounding land, if your property is encapsulated by walls and the only entrance point is your drive, using gates is a great way to keep unwanted people out!

The style of gate and functionality can add to how well they appear from the outside. For instance, you can have double gates that open in the centre, you could also have a singular gate that swings out or inwards, or the least popular is a rising gate, that could lift up to allow your car onto your property. Now choosing a gate is entirely down to you, but you have to decide on a few key factors. A singular gate will take up alot of space when it opens, you’ll decide wether you want it to open inwards or outwards and if you have enough space to allow it to do so. Imagine you have 3 cars on the drive, is there enough space to allow the gate to open? Or if it swings outwards, will it be taking up space on the road? These are the deciding factors for this type of gate.

The next thing is the size of the gate, if you have a large gate will it be hard to move it? Perhaps you could have an electronic system to automatically open the gate. The next thing would be the material, I personally am a big fan of wooden entrance gates as opposed to metal, I find that the thicker wooden beams make for a much more aesthetically pleasing gate, but that’s just my personal preference.

The decision is really yours, what suits your property is up to you, have fun out there.

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