Custom Fabric For Your Home

Furnishing your home is an important job, nobody likes to have unfinished rooms and areas still in the style of the previous owners. That’s why it’s important to make sure you make your house your own. There’s noting quite like having everything finished and looking just how you like it, even down to the coasters on your table.

You may find though that when your home starts to get decorated, things never finish, ongoing decoration is something that I think happens to everyone. You’ll be walking through a shop and then you find something that you like and decide that an addition to the room is appropriate. There are some special touches to your room though that you may not have thought about. One thing I find when decorating, is that my local shops just don’t have enough choice. I like being able to look at a wide selection of the same item, I find with places like The Range and Dunelm Mill that they have a lot of different items but not enough actual selection between products like colour scheme. But there are places out there that do have a wide selection, the internet is where it’s all at!

There are all kinds of places to buy customised items online, here is a look at a few of them.


Of course, ebay is a great place to purchase original and also out of production furniture. It’s not all second hand things on ebay either, there are a lot of new products on there. Once thing you have to be cautious of though is falling for fake merchandise. There are so many items available for purchase that you might just get yourself something that isn’t quite authentic. If this does happen I believe there are channels you can go down for a refund back from paypal / ebay.

Ebay has such a vast array of items that you should be able to find whatever you are looking for. There aren’t many times I’ve gone on there looking for something and not come away with what I wanted (or something else) So I highly suggest using this for your purchases.



You only have to visit Inchyra to know that your going to be in for ¬†high quality items. They originally started as a linen company, producing some great linens with some fantastic designs. they then took that idea, and started combining their linens with household items such as cushions, towels and aprons. Inchyra now sell a whole range of home items, from kitchen to Bathroom, but not just fabric items. Inchyra’s products have a particular style that I believe would fit with any home theme.

Mollie and Fred

Mollie and Fred is another rather unknown website, but they manage to sell some great items on their website. I think they are less producers, but just enjoy buying and selling great items. They have a wide selection of homeware and some great gift ideas, but I would say that this site is definitely dedicated to a younger crowd. They have some interesting product lines that I think are definitely worth a look, so check it out.





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