Creating Your Own Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture isn’t out of everyone’s reach, you can easily take something that is uncomfortable and improve it to a stage that is unnecessarily luxurious, all you need is a bit of sewing knowledge. Well, that isn’t strictly true. Sewing knowledge might be helpful but I think in the end you need a knowledge of quality filling, linens and fabrics as well.

worn sofa cusionsIf you don’t have the right skills you may end up with something worse than the worn product you had to begin with, but if you make sure you read up and have a look online, you shouldn’t have any problems creating something worthwhile.


Choosing the right fabric for you upholstery is important, you want to get something that is soft, is not coarse and is strong enough to withstand years of sitting and pressure. If you can find something along these lines then you are on the right track. There are many fabric and linen shops online that you should be able to check, a place I usually go to online has a wide selection of quality British linen. It’s great being able to choose what pattern/colour/texture your furniture is going to be.


If you’re going to be upholsering sofa cushions, then something you need to look at is replacing the stuffing. There are a wide variety of stuffing and filling options available, whether you’re looking for a natural animal filling such as wool or cotton, or whether you are happy with synthetic filling such as polyester or coir fibre. Each have different properties, Synthetic fibre tends to be stronger and more resilient whereas wool and cotton are softer but weaker. As mentioned before, you need to really know what is going to do the right job, if you can work that out, then I say go for it.


The next stage is obviously construction. I won’t detail a guide in this article, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled in the future. Good luck with your upholstery, I hope you end up with the furniture that you want!

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